Innovation Senior Management can provide senior living management services for licensed communities.

Our management services include the following items:

Property Management

Capital Management & Planning

We maximize the overall infrastructure life expectancy by instituting preventative maintenance programs. We develop capital plans that provide a clear direction on how to upgrade the communities in the most cost-effective manner.

Utility Management & Conservation

We offer a full range of efficient maintenance programs to ensure the communities are running at their optimal level. We also implement solutions to improve energy efficiencies and implement recycling programs reducing the carbon footprint of the community. We also offer reviews of utility invoices and contracts to ensure the best pricing and contractual obligations are being delivered.

Landscaping & Grounds Care

We maximize the overall infrastructure life expectancy by instituting preventative maintenance programs. We develop capital plans that provide a clear direction on how to upgrade the communities in the most cost-effective manner.

Interior Design and Renovation

We work with our clients to improve the interiors of the communities through quality equipment, furnishing and fixture selections. We also manage renovation projects.

Financial Reporting & Management

Monthly Reporting

We offer a monthly management report to our clients that includes a narrative on the progress of the facility but also standard and customized reports on the financial health of the operation.

Government Subsidy Programs

We understand that there are government subsidies that assist a resident to pay for their services. The largest need for resident beds is for residents that may require government subsidies. We are skilled at securing government subsidies for our residents. We have worked with the Medicaid Managed Long Term Care and Veterans Administration Aid & Attendance Programs in addition to the Project-Based Voucher Programs.


Brand Management & Marketing

We manage community branding through review and refreshing of current promotional materials, implementing new materials, active marketing, social media, advertising and networking. We manage the community’s image and reputation through effective public relations and marketing.

Activity & Wellness Programming

We develop a variety of activity, education and wellness programming that ensures our senior living residents are engaged in life and their overall health is positively affected.

Food Service

Well prepared, appealing and nutritious meals are essential. We ensure special diets are delivered and food is praised by the senior living residents. In some communities we offer private dining and catering services. We manage special events including marketing and community events.

First Impressions

When senior living residents and visitors arrive at the community, customer service skills are used to create a warm and inviting environment. First impressions are everything.

Ambassador Programs

We provide personalized care and response to resident needs by implementing ambassador programs that address keys areas such as welcoming committees and food service committees.

Resident Risk Management & Quality Assurance

Operations Regulatory Compliance

We offer policies and procedures, processes, best practices and state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficient operations that are fully in compliance with regulations at a national, state or local level. Our Risk Management Program has been certified by HUD and mitigates risk effectively.

Electronic Health Records

With our management comes the implementation of electronic health records. Moving from a paper-based business to an electronic one ensures optimal performance and reduction of liability.

Human Resources

Human Capital & Job Satisfaction

We implement our unique culture at the communities we manage and ensure staff are empowered through training, appreciation programs and exemplary workplace experiences. We have a robust screening process and performance management program. We care deeply for our staff and implement workplace surveys to ensure we are meeting their needs. Happy staff means happy residents and participants.

Safety and Comfort

The community experience is directly related to the friendless of the staff. We ensure a caring environment while delivering services. Senior living resident satisfaction is at the core of what we do and we measure how well we are doing on a regular basis. At the same time, we ensure a clean and sanitized environment with safety at its core.

Vendor Management

Purchasing & Vendor Contracting

We use our group purchasing to reduce costs for our clients. We can help with competitive pricing on products and services to ensure we are receiving the best pricing.

Ancillary Services

We work with preferred providers to bring additional services to our communities. Third party home health services include therapeutic and nursing services. Third party medical services through community doctors includes podiatrists and dentists. We also coordinate health monitoring wellness and educational programs that improve the quality of life of our senior living residents and their families.